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Simon Rushton is an experienced and respected radio advertising writer, and a former creative director with experience in both East Africa and Europe. But during his career he's been involved in delivering more and more training.

Simon works with radio stations to help their sales people and creatives sell effective radio advertising… by taking better briefs, selling better solutions, and getting repeat business. If you don't have a creative team, and use "out of house" production Simon can help equip your team with critical skills and better brief taking skills to get effective ads for your clients.

This is not theory! As a writer Simon puts this into practice every working day. 


Here are some of the stations Simon has delivered training to outside the UK: Kiss FM, Kenya; Nation Media Group, Nairobi Kenya; Salaam FM, Mombasa Kenya; Capital FM, Uganda; Capital FM, Sierra Leone; Baraka FM, Mombasa Kenya; The Bay, Malta.

Last year a Senior Sales Manager at a Radio Station in Malta told us the  training  was the most useful and worthwhile training she had ever attended.

  •  New or experienced sales people always walk away with training they can USE.  
  • Creatives are refreshed, motivated and focussed on helping sales achieve their goals.

The training takes place over 1 week, with two and a half day training in a "classroom" and the rest of the time spent alongside sales and creative at work, which allows time to talk to execs about real live clients and situations, and look at suggestions for systems, workflow, reporting and deadline management

 If you’d like to invest in some training we can discuss the nitty gritty.

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Thanks for a great job well done . All our staff are revved up by your training and determined to improve copywriting, production quality and sales..
Your in - depth analysis of the issues as well as insight into radio advertising and copy writing was very energising. You're as good as they get! All I can say is that we are going to put to good use the various skills attained to make us an even greater radio station. 

Radio Sales Training Client

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