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What we do is this, we write and produce radio commercials! We don’t use fancy “in” phrases and talk about “what’s your purple penguin?” and say things like “that’s an area we’re leaning in to”, we have honest brief taking sessions and come up with great sounding ads. 

 We also create On Hold and Telecom Audio. We produce Podcasts hosted by real radio presenters and radio journalists. We do training for Radio Station on how to use creative and spots to help clients, who will then want to spend more money on advertising. We do all that. But not wedding videos.

So you want to work with us? Send us a message and we’ll make first contact

Radio Commercials

There are little tricks and techniques to making radio commercials work better. Even if you write the commercial yourself it's worth having a specialist have a quick look and suggest any minor (or major) changes. We will also write ad campaigns for you from your brief.

We've travelled the world (before lock down) delivering training to sales people and creatives on how to talk about and USE creative to win business and keep clients on air. In the last three years we've been to Malta and delivered training to clients in Namibia, Sierra Leonne and Kenya.

In the past we've also worked in Uganda, Tanzania, Spain and Singapore.

 One Sales Director told us it was the "most useful" training she had had in her entire career.


On Hold and Telecom

The first voice someone might here when they call you, is the answermachine message. We can help you make those messages, and any on hold marketing and phone menu messages, sound professional. And in a style and delivery that fits your business. 

Business Club Presentations

Small, Medium and Large Businesses can unlock the power of audio advertising. We can help with a short presentation on how to use radio and online audio well. we're not affiliated to any broadcast company so our advice is unbiased.

Studio Hire - TV Film and Audio

As a tenant at Pride Media Centre we have access to world class studio facilities including:-

  • STUDIO 1 A 1433 square feet of drive-in studio
  • STUDIO 2 A Permanent Green Screen wall with infinity cover and
    750 square feet of studio space
  • STUDIO 3 355 square feet of studio & gallery space
  • Podcast Studio
  • A 30 seat Cinema style Screening Suite with Dolby Surround Sound

And various meeting rooms. If you need a hire, drop us a line! Find out more here.

“I worked alongside Simon in the  Internal Training Team and found the delegate feedback on Simon’s training sessions were always amongst the very highest scores ever achieved” 
 Group Sales & Training Development Consultant 

“Simon has always used his experience to advise on how to make a radio script sound better and work more effectively. Simon has been invaluable in my development as a creative writer.” 
Creative Writer 

“I don’t think there are many people in our industry with your level of compassion and expertise. I’d personally like to thank you for developing me into the writer that I am today.” 
Group Radio Head of Creative 

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